Meisje op de fiets

Attractive places to live and cycle

An attractive living environment is pleasant to live in, contributes to the economic functioning of the city and the country and is nice for walking and cycling. Conversely, the bicycle contributes to attractive cities, villages or regions, because it gets you where you want to go, makes meetings possible and makes effective use of the space.

Fietsen in Houten
Fietsen in Houten Beeld-auteur: Maarten Hartman

In 2040, the centres of all large and medium-sized cities will be car-free. Villages and the rest of the central urban area are car-restricted. The space this yields is used for more homes, more green and more quality of life.

Cyclists make use of these car-free and car-restricted areas, but do not have a dominant presence everywhere. In the busiest areas in the cities, cyclists and pedestrians share the public space. In our vision, walking and cycling are the only forms of active mobility, which makes them natural allies. In situations where conflicts arise between cyclists and pedestrians, we look for solutions together. Cyclists adjust their speed as guests in areas that are mainly intended for walking. That is why bicycle prohibitions are not necessary and cyclists with physical limitations can still always reach their destination. Thanks to the efforts of the Fietsersbond, better and faster cycling routes are available around these busy areas, causing cyclists to automatically opt for a route that goes around the centre.

Fietsnet in de praktijk
Fietsnet in de praktijk Beeld-auteur: Maarten Hartman

The Fietsersbond develops tools that help cyclists find the smartest route in all these networks, depending on their wishes and the circumstances. Of course, the appeal is not just in the route or the design of the road. Especially the environment, the functions along the route and a minimal amount of nuisance, danger, noise and exhaust gases contribute to this. The design of an appealing public space requires more than just red asphalt and clear lines. On more main routes, comfort and safety are essential to avoid collisions with poles, edges and obstacles. This requires good cooperation between spatial designers, traffic experts and the Fietsersbond.


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