Sportief dagelijks fietsen in Rotterdam

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The Fietsersbond is the Dutch Cyclists’ Union that campaigns for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands.

The Fietsersbond has more than 35,000 members. With 150 local branches we work towards:

  • well maintained, smooth and direct cycling routes
  • more and improved parking spaces for bikes
  • action against bicycle theft
  • more safety in traffic for cyclists

The Fietsersbond is a member of the European Cyclists’ Federation and partner in the Dutch Cycling Embassy

If you want to cycle in the Netherlands, you can use the English version of our Fietsersbond Routeplanner to make your routes.

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 2a
3511 HE Utrecht
The Netherlands


+31 30 291 81 71

Cycling in the Netherlands
Based on our ‘Fietsen in cijfers’ leaflet, Mark Wagenbuur made this movie about cycling in the Netherlands:

Cycling Cities
The magazine ‘Vogelvrije Fietser’ of the Fietsersbond was published in december 2009 in a special English edition called Cycling Cities. The reason: the Climate conference in december 2009 in Copenhagen. Cycling Cities writes about the successes of two cycle-countries in Central Europe: The Netherlands and Denmark. The Danish Cyclists’ Union distributed Cycling Cities in Copenhagen.

As there is currently no English version of our website, we would like to refer you to the websites of cyclists’ unions in other European countries.
European Cyclists’ Federation
The Belgian cyclists’ union
GRACQ is active in Wallonia and in the French part of Brussel, information only in French
The site of the German cyclists’ union, with a lot of information about other countries (Service > Europa Infos)
Austrian cyclists’ union. A large online store!
French cyclists’ union, established in Strasbourg
A union in Paris which is fighting for the rights of cyclists
The Italian cyclists’ union. Also information in English and German
Site of a British cyclists’ union. Also links and news facts.
The UK’s national cyclists’ organisation (Founded in 1878!)
British sustainable transport organisation
Most information is in Danish. In the English part you can download an order form to order a map with cycle routes of Denmark.
The cyclists’ federation in Brussels, they want to promote cycling in the European Capital.
The Czech cyclists’ union. Unfortunately only information in Czech.
The Finnish union. Contains a very small part in English.
The Greek cyclists’ union. Information in Greek and English.
Dublin Cyclists Campain, Ireland.
The Norwegian cyclists’ union. Only for those who can read Norwegian.
Swedish site of the cyclists’ union. Only information in Swedish.
The cyclists’ union of Luxembourg. You can choose your language, English, German or French. With (funny) cartoons.
Site of Velo Mondial with information about the project Bikes for Africa.
Site of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.
Non-profit organisation promoting cycling in Bratislava, Slovakia

Samen fietsen we beter!

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