Meisje op de fiets

The bicycle as a happiness machine

Wouldn’t it be great if scientists invent a happiness machine soon? A machine that contributes to your personal and social happiness? Good news: that machine exists and we have millions of them in the Netherlands: the bicycle. The bicycle is a happiness machine that gives people freedom and makes them healthier. On a bicycle, you can move forward without having to provide too much physical effort. On the way, you make contact with others and the environment. We have the freedom to take an alternative route, cycle faster or slower, stop or continue a bit longer. Stress disappears on the way, thinking about everything and nothing at all.

Vrouw op driewielfiets
Beeld-auteur: Corné Sparidaens

Because (nearly) everyone cycles, even if only occasionally, the differences between ranks and classes disappear. Because cyclists contribute so much to our society, nothing should stand in their way. Obstructions of this freedom in the form of mandatory helmets, licence plates and reflective vests are therefore not desirable.

In 2040, the Netherlands is designed in such a way that cyclists can choose from different routes that require more or less effort and offer more or less distraction. Do you prefer cycling through greenery or through the city, and with many fellow cyclists or almost alone? Everything is possible. Cycling means moving, but for those who need to travel far or can put in less effort, there are aids.

Routes are arranged in such a way that cycling is more attractive, including for people who cycle less now and for new types of bikes. There will be a new network that is suitable for fast and heavy bikes: the FietsFamilie network. Cyclists of all ages that want to cycle in a relaxed and protected way, get their relaxed network. Developments that stand in the way of cycling happiness are challenged. The safety of cycling is paramount everywhere. Less car traffic and an excellent cycling infrastructure ensure that the number of injuries decreases drastically and no more bicycle deaths occur.


Cycle Vision 2040

The future of Dutch cycling, according to the Fietsersbond. Lees meer