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Cycle Vision 2040: Foreword

When I started at the Fietsersbond ten years ago, it was special to be able to choose the colour of your bicycle, so to speak. There is so much more choice today! Cycling with three or four wheels, with or without support, smart bikes that growl when they are stolen or modern transport bikes that carry hefty loads. There is now an entire bicycle family cycling around our country. And all cyclists in that family have a common interest that connects them: Cycling makes you happy and it should stay that way!

Saskia Kluit
Saskia Kluit – Directeur van de Fietsersbond Beeld-auteur: Fleur Wiersma

The bicycle is doing well. Urbanisation, care for the climate, the desire to live healthier: all trends that have a positive influence on the use of the bicycle. But will it still be that way in the future? Will cycling happiness remain accessible to everyone? The role the bicycle plays in the overall mobility system will certainly change. Just think of things like bicycle sharing and the self-driving car.

Of course, all those social changes also affect the work of the Fietsersbond. Previously, our focus was mainly on infrastructure. We wanted to improve the world on the street for cyclists. But cycling was the goal. In the new Fietsvisie 2040, we no longer exclusively see the bicycle as a goal, but also as a means to keep our country liveable and healthy. Even for non-cyclists, the Netherlands is a better place if many people walk and cycle, especially in the city. More and more policymakers and researchers see that cycling yields enormous social benefits, whether it comes to health, living environment or accessibility.

Will the Fietsersbond also change? Absolutely! Our desire is to grow into a more diverse association. We want to be there for all types of cyclists. Racing cyclists, speed pedelec riders, cargo cyclists, tricycles and recumbents. We also have the intention to become more diverse in terms of age and cultural background.

I am very proud of the Fietsvisie 2040 in which we have stipulated our dreams for the future. Dreams that we cannot realise from one day to the next, and which often clash with the unruly everyday practice, but which also inspire us on the way to the future. Many of our active volunteers, members and the Friends of the Fietsersbond helped create it. Thank you very much for that!

The Fietsersbond is ready for a future full of cycling happiness.

Saskia Kluit


Cycle Vision 2040

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